scjgaSouth Carolina Junior Golf Association (SCJGA)

The purpose of the South Carolina Junior Golf Association is to perpetuate the history and traditions of the ancient game of golf through its members, and with an active outreach to the youth of our state.

Established in 1990 by community leaders with a love for the game and a commitment to passing on golf’s heritage to the youth of South Carolina, the SCJGA is committed to meeting the needs of all young people in the state and providing playing opportunities to boys and girls that might not otherwise have the chance to experience golf and its many benefits.

Golf can and does shape the lives of kids throughout South Carolina.  It promotes healthy competition, fosters a drive to succeed, and teaches many lessons of life.  Through the contributions of golfers, courses and businesses across the state, the SCJGA provides opportunities, builds character, and shapes lives.

In 2008, the SCJGA was named the top regional junior golf association in the country by Golf Digest magazine.

Check out the SCJGA Website for more information about this wonderful organization!