2013 Exempt Finishes:
(Finishes do not “slide” down for duplicate or graduated players)
The 2013 Tournament acceptance is based on the following criteria. The field will be comprised of select players in the following age brackets: Boys 10-12, 13-14, 15-18, Girls 11-13, and 14-18. All participants must still be enrolled in school as of July, 2010, ie. not graduated from High School.

The Blade Junior (2012) Top 30 Boys 13-18, top 12 Girls 14-18, Top 5 Other brackets (if eligible)

The CGA Match Play ( 2012) Semi- Finalist Boys and Girls 14-18, Finalist Boys and Girls 13 and under

The CGA Junior Championship (2012) Top 10 Boys 16-18, 14-15; Top 3 Boys 13 and Under (if eligible)

Beth Daniel Junior Azalea (2012) Top 10 Boys ,Top 5 Girls

Fall Challenge (2012) Top 10 Boys 15-18, Top 5 Boys 13-14, Girls 14-18

Players Championship (2012)-Top 20 Boys 15-18; Top 5 Boys 13-14, Girls 14-18

Pee Wee Championship (2013)-Top 10 Boys 10-12, Girls 10-12

Jimmy Self (2013)-Top 10 Boys, Top 5 Girls

Vicki Desantis (2013)-Top 10 Top 10 oldest bracket

Twin States (2012)-Top 10 oldest bracket

Florence Junior (2013)-Top 10 Boys (13-18)

SCGA Junior Championship (2013)-Top 25 Boys (oldest bracket)

WSCGA Junior Girls (2013)- Top 10 Girls (oldest bracket)

Upstate Junior (2013)-Top 25% of the field in both older boys and older girls brackets.

Azallion, Daniel James
Badmaev, Kelsey
Bartemeyer, Kayla
Beckel, Kasidy (Bluffton)
Bishop, Zachary (Travelers Rest)
Bovender, Annika
Brock, Anna
Burkhardt, Carly (Greenville)
Butt, Zakariya (Summerville)
Cale, Chase
Campbell, Allysa
Carles, Phobe
Carter, Jake (Aiken)
Carter, Matt
Cassidy, Drake (Hartsville)
Castle, Jalen (West Columbia)
Castle, Jensen (West Columbia)
Cauthen, Dwight
Cleary, Hailey (Lexington)
Corbin, Graham (Inman)
Corbin, Harrison (Inman)
Costello, Jonathan
Cox, Maddisen (Easley)
Cox, Morgan
Crowe, Trace (Easley)
Dallery, Charlie
Eddy, Anna (Hilton Head)
Fickes, Josh (Ladys Island)
Fowler, Forrest (Spartanburg)
Garrett, Adam (Easley)
Gillespie, Peyton
Gilliard III, Bennett
Goodman, Savannah
Hair, Cole
Handy, Alex (Aiken)
Hardee, Jonathan (Greer)
Harper, Kate
Herold, Zachary
Hicks, Will (Camden)
Hirai, Reona (Summerville)
Hite, Dillon
Hodges, Blake
Hood, Justin (St. Matthews)
Hough, Anne Taylor (Spartanburg)
Howard, Eden (Lamar)
Huskey, Keenan (Greenville)
Huskey, Victoria
Hutto, Matthew
Hutto, Parks
Karavan, Kohler (Myrtle Beach)
Keur, RJ (N. Charleston)
Landreth, Sydney
Lawter, Zachery
Legacy, Sydney (Lexington)
Lovorn, Riley (Anderson)
Lyvers, Carly (Greenville)
Marter, Will (Columbia)
McKee, Michael (Ware Shoals)
McLain, Zach
Miles, Will (Hilton Head)
Miley, Bryce (Lexington)
Mills, Sawyer
Mills, Sawyer
Morgan, Anna
Mosher, Austin
Murphy, Kelli (Elgin)
Nichols, Hunter
Nichols, Hunter (Clinton)
Nimmer, Bryson (Bluffton)
Orischak, Andrew (Hilton Head)
Parrott, Jack (Columbia)
Patterson, Cole
Phillips, Trent (Inman)
Phillips, Trevor
Poole, Makalyn
Powell, Bobby
Proveaux, Caleb (Leesville)
Rawl, Jacob
Redmon, Walker
Reynolds, Harry (Greenville)
Reynolds, Stephen (Greenville)
Salzer, Christian
Self, Coleman (Greenwood)
Sloop, Manning
Smith, Cayla
Smith, Jake
Sonoda, Sarina
Sowell, Logan
Spencer, Kyle (Mt. Pleasant)
Spencer-White, Charlie (Bluffton)
Srinivasan, Natalie (Spartanburg)
Stephenson, Lauren (Lexington)
Stewart, Drayton
Strickland, Will (Greer)
Sutton, Anthony
Talledo, Mary Kathryn
Taylor, Seth (Gaffney)
Taylor, Trey
Taylor, Winn (Greenville)
Thorne, Kathryn (Bluffton)
Twitty, Jaqueline (Chapin)
Vogel, Courtney
Warnock, Jordan
Weary, Alec (Bluffton)
Weede, Jackson (Greenville)
Willis, Nick (Cowpens)
Wilson, Jamie (Mt. Pleasant)
Yearout, Wilson
Zoller, Austin (N. Charleston)

Other events may be used by the Committee with preferences to success in open events. The committee may also slide down the events posted as needed to fill those spots left for committee selection.
These finishes will prompt invitations from the Blade Junior Golf Classic Committee. The younger brackets and remaining spots will be filled by applications filed on the At Large Bid Form available from the SCJGA. The total field will be around 120 players. There will be no open qualifying for the tournament.